Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fashion for the First

First date

Zara top bottom and shoes
Catbird rings

A crop top and midi skirt is my idea of the perfect date night ensemble.  Pair it with a stiletto, delicate jewelry, and a petite bag and you're good to go!

First Sunday dinner, meeting his parents

Anthropologie earrings
 Zara shoes
Zara dress
Asos bag

Every Sunday my entire family meets after church for a pasta dinner at my Nanny’s house.  We laugh, sometimes we cry, and we are very loud! We are Italian so you get the picture. :) I always saw my family (all 11 of us and counting) to be very welcoming and cheery, but when my brother in-law said that we can be a bit intimidating, I took a second thought.  Being comfortable in a situation like that can be difficult.  Wearing something comfortable is a must!  I love a dress for any occasion!  Dangling earrings and sleek booties are my go to accessories! 

First job interview

Zara dress
Zara blazer
Zara bag
Zara shoes
Anthropologie earrings 
Who doesn't need a little pick-me-up the morning of a big interview!  I don't drink coffee so it's tea for me!  I am obsessed with Mighty Leaf green tropical tea.  It's delicious and healthy!  As for clothes, I love a black pencil dress, navy blazer, and a black, pointy pump.  With your favorite piece of jewelry on and a neutral tote in hand, say a prayer and go conquer the world! 

Think Couture

While typing this post I thought of the phrase ‘first of all’.  One definition of the phrase ‘first of all’ is: before anything else; to begin with.  So, before putting on that fierce outfit that you love so much, stop for a quick sec and remind yourself that you are worth more than clothes and accessories.  You are beautiful inside and out!

Do you like the looks? I'd love to here from you!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!

{images via zara, catbird, asos, anthropologie, mighty leaf tea}

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  1. Fabulous. My fav is the interview ensemble, you're hired!! :)


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