Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let's Get Honest!

Being a pediatric nurse I get to see and sometimes hold little cuties all night long. That's the best part of my job!  I also like to educate parents on the best products to use for their kiddies when asked.

The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, produces products ranging from body wash to dishwasher detergent using only natural and organic ingredients.  The idea came from a desire to create a healthy environment for kiddies, but has since shown staying power in the health and beauty industry as well.  I love these products for what they stand for - integrity, honesty, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

These lovely's are on my wish list!

Who wouldn't want to clean their home with these products?

I actually went to one of Jessica Alba's book signings for "The Honest Life".  She is as sweet as she is on TV.  She called my sister and I "twinsies" and said she hopes her girls are as close as we are.  Highlight of my life :)  If you love fashion, health, and beauty then I highly recommend reading her book.  These products are perfect gifts for the soon to be mommy, new mommy, and any health enthusiast. 

Hope you join me in living a healthy and honest life from the inside and out!

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