Thursday, January 2, 2014

Birthday Fun and Fashion

Anthropologie dress {no longer available} This dress will work too
Asos leather jacket 

Feeling blessed.  Turning 30 was not at all as I imagined nor was it like the stigma that some people make it out to be.  It was fabulous! I felt light.  It was like all the burdens of my 20's lifted right off my shoulders and all the beautiful, amazing memories were placed into a special little vault inside my heart.  

When asked how I wanted to spend my 30th birthday I didn't have an answer.  That was until the night before.  An idea struck me and it was a good one!

Growing up it was my family's birthday tradition that when someone turned a year older we all went to dinner and a movie.  We haven't partaken in that tradition in years.  How perfect would it be to bring it back for my 30th! Phone calls were made and plans were set!  

"10 adults and three children to see 'Frozen' please", is what my hubby said to the overwhelmed ticket man.  It seemed that every one had the same idea on that rainy, cold day.  The movie theater was a mad house!  But nonetheless, we were all excited to see the movie and be together.  Another perfect birthday memory was made!

And yes, I  wore a long, turquoise, blue dress to go see a disney manatee movie. :)  If I was going to turn 30, I most definitely was going to do it in style!  

Think Couture

Some people interpret turning 30 as getting old.  I like to see it as forgetting that which is behind and pressing forward toward the mark that has been set before me.  It's all about where you put your eyes.  If you look behind you at your past, you just might be chasing your tail round and round.  If you look forward, the possibilities are endless.  I will strive to pursue that which God has called me to pursue.  

With this goal in mind, I strive towards the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 3:14

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