Thursday, February 27, 2014

My February Birchbox - Step. Pose. Repeat!

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I have yet to meet a person who loves Mondays.  It's the end of the weekend and the beginning of the work week for most.  Boo! But, when this little box shows up it makes a monday better.  If you follow me here on Think in Couture or on Instagram (aliscataldo) you must know about my love affair with Birchbox.  It's no secret - I get giddy every time I see it in the mail!  A little box filled with personalized beauty and lifestyle products that comes once every month to satisfy your fashion, health, and beauty needs?  Yes, please!  This month's theme "Step and Repeat" is an homage to award season.  Birchbox collaborated with the editors at Us Weekly to give us tips on how to look like a celebrity in our pics and pick the right makeup for our eye shape.  Go here and here to check out a video and article on the how to's.  Thank you Birchbox!  I received theses goodies this month and I can't wait to put them to work! Head over to to sign up (or send me your email and I can send you an invite) and learn more about the products I received.   

Happy Monday!

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