Wednesday, April 2, 2014

H&M Conscious Collection - Going Green Never Looked Better

From left to right, Catarina Midby of H&M, Ever Manifesto co-founder Elizabeth von Guttman, actress Amber Valletta and Ever Manifesto co-founder Alexia Niedzielski.  Photographed at a dinner in Los Angeles marking the latest edition of H&M's Conscious Collection. (Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images / March 19, 2014)  via

Ever asked yourself where the clothes you wear come from?  I'm probably not alone when I say no,  until now.  I came across H&M's 2014 Conscious Collection, hitting 150 stores worldwide April 10, and my view of clothes and the company changed.   

H&M worked with the think tank, Ever Manifesto, to put into action a vision of a sustainable collection.  Ever Manifesto believes "that the combination of creativity and factual research can enlighten, inform and engage people around the world - inspiring them to make a difference." Their aim is to "educate and inspire a sense of optimism in how we can all make more environmentally responsible choices and have the influence to transform and protect our world." With both of these brands at work, the 2014 Conscious Collection was created - an eco-friendly collection with a boho/western vibe that reflects the desire to better the world through fashion.  

Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s head of design, new development stated "Our Conscious and Conscious Exclusive collections show the breadth of possibilities with sustainable materials, and our new Clever Care Labeling encourages our customers to join our mission towards a more sustainable future for fashion."

From flowy embroidered tops made with organic silk, to jumpsuits crafted from recycled polyester, to chic shoes created from organic leather, 'going green' never looked better, literally! To-boot the collection is affordable for people like you and me!  I'm counting down the days until April 10!  

To get a sneak peak go here. Trust me, you'll want to check it out!  I would have posted the pics but their under hefty protection by the H&M website.  

Let me know your fav!! 
xo Alissa

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  1. I love H&M and the fact that it is going organic etc is just amazing!

    Kirsten x


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