Monday, March 31, 2014

Le Week-End

"i'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain....."

a stop at the Strand Book Store (how appropriate - Kate Moss next to Van Gogh...) 

adding to my collection Anthropologie 

a little window shopping - Versace, Vera Wang, Belanciaga

dinner and a movie - Fanelli's Cafe and "Le Week-End" at the Angelika New York film center 

ended with Vogue 

I had a great weekend with the hubs! We shopped, we ate, we read, and we saw a cute independent film featuring Paris called "Le Week-End".  We love independent films!  I'll take a good, small, independent film over a big budget blockbuster anytime.  If you're downtown in NYC, stop by Angelika New York Film Center and Cafe and enjoy!

Did you do anything fun for le weekend?
xo Alissa 

ps: I can not believe it was snowing so much here in NY this am!! I thought April fools was tomorrow!  I had to pray 'Jesus take the wheel' the entire drive home from work!! :)  Hope you all stayed safe.

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