Friday, June 17, 2016

Back At It


You know those friends who pick up right were they left off after not seeing each other for a while - let's be them! :) Life has changed so much since my last post - I had a baby boy, we moved, and bought our first house!  Somewhere between morning/day/night sickness and first time mommy craziness I lost my lust for fashion, health, and beauty, but I'm back at it!  I'm ready to bring you the famous 3's once again and I promise to try and fill in the gaps along the way.  

Here's a little photo to catch you up! ;) 

Have a great day and let's chat! I'll answer all questions in the comment section :) 



  1. Do you have more pics from when you were preggo? :) missed you!

    1. Hi!!! Hope all is well. I wish I did! It was actually such a stressful pregnancy that pictures were the last thing on my mind lol I'm gonna try and see what I have and maybe put a little post together :)
      So nice hearing from you. Keep in touch!


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