Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Days and a Denim Jumpsuit

I'm always trying to plan something fun.  Our plans usually consist of driving out east to either eat, play, or shop.  On this day we chose to do all three!

We had some yummy eats at Harbes Family Farm which is a must stop if your headed to the North Fork of LI N.Y, and then it was to Love Lane Toys to pick up something for our very happy toddler.  Our last stop was Martha Clara Vineyard where we had hoped to find more animals, but our boy was just thrilled to see the Yaks and Alpacas.

I'm kind of in love with wearing a loose fitted jumpsuit these days - it's like wearing a one piece pajama!  I love them so much that they've become somewhat of a mommy uniform for me.   The fact that they're on trend, feel like a pajama and I can wear them in public makes me incredibly happy!  A short story was tagged onto the purchase of this denim jumpsuit.

I was 3 months post baby and it was time to rejoin society and go shopping for an outfit for church that coming Sunday.  Our new little family headed to the mall in hopes of a peaceful outing and a quick bite to eat.  Why do I always think the mall is a good idea? I almost always come up empty handed and this day was no different.  As I held in my tears, secretly vowing to only wear pajamas and never leave the house again, I walked passed Forever 21 on the way out.  Through the window I saw this simple jumpsuit.  I ran in and ran up to the register.  I didn't even look at the price.  I didn't care.  Multiple hours of shopping, a crying baby, and a frustrated husband will make you not care...  When the cashier said five dollars please, my jaw dropped.  Five dollars, really? Yes, really! I could hear angels singing in my ear, lol! I walked away with this denim jumpsuit and a lesson.

Sometimes all it takes is a sale to make me happy :)   Now for the real lesson.  God loves us so much.  He loves us enough to interrupt our pity party, no matter how big or small, and lead us to what we need.  In this case it was a silly outfit to wear on the outside, but really it was more.  Clothes didn't fit me the same because my body had changed.  Everything changed and before that thought became overwhelming God interrupted it and brought me this cute five dollar jumper.  It fit perfectly without me even trying it on.

My hope is that when your having your own pity party that you think of me and my silly story about a five dollar jumper and that you keep a look out for your own "five dollar jumpsuit" ;) 

Forever 21 Jumpsuit sold out {similar here}

H&M Hat sold out {similar here while supplies last} 

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