Monday, August 22, 2016

Naps and Fringe. They Go Together, Right?

It's 11:42 in the morning on a Friday, to be exact, and it's quiet. Quiet like all I hear is the central air kicking on and my thoughts, and it's nice.  Nice because for the last week our toddler has refused to nap.  With watery, sleepy eyes he still refuses to go down in his crib.  My husband is working from home today and took our little tot in for yet another attempt.  It's quiet which means one thing, that said toddler is sleeping peacefully, but not in his crib - in daddy's arms.

I try to remember the cliche but true statement of how time flies and I will miss this stage. So with strength from above, I hold him a little longer, pray a lot harder, and drink coffee.  I was a tea only girl, but mommyhood has revealed the power of the bean! lol

We live a walk away from the water so most summer evenings you'll find us at the beach.  This past Tuesday was no different except that the fresh, salty, air was especially helpful in making our tired and grumpy toddler feel better.  If I'm being honest, it was helping his tired and grumpy mommy too. ;)

I'm wearing a top from Storets.  I found this online shop while scrolling through my favorite bloggers on Instagram.  They were all wearing pieces from this store so naturally I had to check them out. ;) Fringe is not something I normally gravitate to, but this trend is on the rise and I wanted to give a go.  You can wear it with your favorite distressed denim or use it has a dress as I did here.  I paired it with a skinny belt to give it shape.  It's a bit see through, but it was perfect for the beach!

Our boy loves loves to dance! All you have to do is start singing anything and he starts bouncing up and down :)

Storets Top

Happy Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. Just think it's only a few short days till Friday! ;)

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