Thursday, February 6, 2014

Make-up Basics, Their Sidekicks, and Tips

I have never been one to wear a lot of makeup.  I usually stick to the basics.  One time in high school, I was going to meet a boy at the movies and my older sister actually said to me "Alissa, are you going to at least put mascara on?!" I did.  :)  I've come a little ways since then.  Here are my basics with some added little extras for date night, weddings, and other special occasions, i.e., Christmas and New Years parties! 

Elf Concealer brush
My Urban Decays Pencil's best friend.

Revlon Eyelash Curler
Heat it with your blow dryer to accentuate your lashes. 

Colorscience Pro Loose Mineral Foundation California Girl
It has 30% natural sunscreen and gives you a glow!

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil NSA 
The best concealer ever!  Go get one!  Use it for blemishes and under eye circles.

Dior 5' Couleurs All in One Artistry Palette Design Amber Design 708
 My makeup palette for my wedding and it was a hit!

Estee Lauder More Than Mascara
If you want long and full lashes. 

Chella Lace Highlighter Pencil
 Place inside your under eye to give your eyes a lift after a night of no sleep. Believe me, I know about no sleep and it works! 

Sephora Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy
Can be used as a lip stain too.

Place on the areas of the face that light hits naturally - forehead, cheek bone, and jaw line. It will give you the perfect sun kissed look. 

Mac Lipstick in Lady Danger
Perfect for a Night time Christmas or New Years Event!

Carmex Lip Moisturizer
The best double duty chapstick/lip gloss ever.  Use this to keep cold sores at bay.

Model CO Party Proof Lipstick Peony
Take these cuties with you on holiday to a warm tropical island this winter season.

 LAQA & Co Lil' Lip Dou Pinkman and Lambchop
These have true staying power ladies.   

My makeup adventure hit a high after I was introduced to the BirchBox.  A little box that comes every month filled with fashion, health, and beauty goodies tailored just to you.  It's like Christmas every month!  I even reuse the box for little odds and ends.

This month I was especially happy to receive the healing balm from The Honest Company!

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