Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let's Talk Juice

Mango Medic {tastes like a creamsicle} 

vanilla extract 
all natural plain yogurt 
orange juice

Benefits: vitamins A, vitamin C and carotenoids.   All fight and help prevent infections.   

Go Green {refreshing, light, and airy}

soy milk
frozen peaches

Benefits: rich in vitamin K (helps to regulate important functions in the body, and helps in the prevention of cancer), iron (important for cell growth, transportation of oxygen throughout the body and proper liver function), calcium (needed for bone strength), and helps maintain a healthy metabolism 

Orange You Pretty {tastes like orange juice on steroids lol}


Benefits: rich in vitamin C (key to a healthy complexion).   It's important in the production of collagen, helps repair damaged skin cells and balances the acidity in the body to promote clear skin

My sister got a juicer (Vitamix) and of course I had to try it out.  It's amazing and is so much more than just a juicer! We had a little juice party which included my sister, my niece, and me.  There was a wealth of produce in her fridge that could sustain an army, so the options were endless.  We decided on these 3 and got to juicing! I was always one to buy my healthy drinks, but there's just something about making your own that makes it that much more organic.  

The ingredients and quantities are up to you to decide.  A little tweak here and a little tweak there and you can make a jaw dropping drink like the Mango Medic (I gave each drink a name - it was fun!) I clearly remember my sister's jaw dropping after taking just one sip of the Mango Medic.  I don't do dairy so I stuck with the Go Green, but you can substitute the yogurt with non dairy milk.

I would love to hear more juice and smoothie recipes.  If you have one, send it my way at or leave it in the comment section.  I'll will be sure to post the results!  My sister and I are putting our thinking caps on and will hopefully be opening a juice bar for the summer.  If you're on the NorthFork this summer be on the lookout for a boutique juice bar welcoming all! 

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