Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Five Days in Puerto Rico

Outfit 1 DVF Pauline maxi dress (similar) here and here
Outfit 2 Scala Collezion hat (similar) here and here Echo beach coverup (similar) here
Outfit 3 Anthropologie Macrame Day Dress  here (similar) here 

What do you do when it is 16 degrees outside, Christmas festivities are over, birthdays are approaching, it's a new year, and the need for R&R is a must?  You escape to a tropical island!  Fajardo, Puerto Rico was calling our name and El Conquistador was our resort of choice.  The resort is perched up on top of a cliff overlooking Puerto Rico's caribbean and Atlantic waters.  The views are amazing! 

The resort offers a trip to the El Yunque Rainforest and we took them up on their offer.  We learned, we hiked, we swam in a waterfall and we explored the Yokahu Observation Tower.  We loved it! 

Palomino island is only a short catamaran ride away where reading a good book, floating in clear blue water and soaking up the caribbean sun were the only things on our 'to do' list.  While soaking up the sun, music that mirrored my surroundings played through my headphones and goals for the new year were made.

As I looked at all that God created, I was so thankful.  I was thankful that he led us to PR, thankful that he gave us amazing weather and thankful he spoke to us in the midst of true beauty.

 Sometimes you need to take time out from life and regroup, escape the mundane things this world offers, and trade it in for a little slice of heaven.  In our case it was the tropical sun and all of its trimmings, but a trip to the salon or even just a walk or run may do the trick too!

Have a happy Tuesday and if you're in NY bundle up it's snowing!    

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