Monday, April 28, 2014

Currently in My Shopping Cart

1. Frank Body Scrub // 2. L.A Osborn Collection // 3. Asos // 4. Shoe Mint // 5. Zara // 6. MYBKR // 

Zoe // 9. Bauble Bar

I have recently preferred online shopping to in-store shopping.  No long lines to wait on, no horrible lighting in dressing rooms, no background nuisances to distract me - just me, my computer, and maybe a clarifying mask on my face and a healthy homemade smoothie in my hand. :)

I currently have these cuties in my cart from all these fabulous online stores.  I'm just about to hit the "place order button" on some of these, but you'll have to keep coming back to see which ones.  I may just buy them all!!! 

Hope you're having a beautiful Monday!  Something was said in church yesterday about the "Mondays" and I think it's worth mentioning.  Instead of thinking "I have so much to do today" think "how can I serve others today".  It takes the negative and turns it into a positive! 

Hope you're having a positive Monday!!
xo Alissa


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