Thursday, May 1, 2014

April's Belated Birch Box Review

Cynthia Rowley silver eye liner // Color Club aquamarine azulino // Keims energizing shampoo // Nyakio coffee face polish // Nyakio body scrub // Nyakio hydrating facial oil // Kind maple pumpkin seeds with sea salt 

Well, it's May 1st and it's still cloudy and rainy.  Thankfully these day's call for staying tucked inside and playing with beauty products say's Birchbox!  I couldn't agree more! Yesterday, as the rain came down, I decided to play with all my "toys"! Here's my review.  

1. Cynthia Rowley's silver eye liner: Goes on smooth, shows some staying power yet smudges nicely if your going for that look.  Most important, it doesn't leave you looking like a raccoon at the end of the day.  

2. Color Club's auquamarin azulino nail color: I just had a mani done so I didn't paint my nails, but I painted my niece's nails with this color a couple days back and she loved it!  I like a more matte  color on my nails and this is more of a metallic color in my opinion.  

3. Keims energizing shampoo:  Not a fan of the scent and it leaves my hair a little on the drier side.  I'm trying to combat dandruff from the cold weather so it's not for me, but if you have oily hair and you like the smell of laundry detergent then this shampoo is for you! :) 

4. Nyakio coffee face polish: "Gross and kinda cool" is how one of my friends described it.  It's something strange to put black scrub on your face... I legitimately could not get past the smell of this product, which made it very hard to put on my face, but I did and it didn't cause any irritation to my sensitive skin so that's a plus!  I am so sensitive to smells though so this product is not for me.  

5. Nyakio coffee body scrub:  The smell is more tolerable than the facial polish but still too strong for me.  Again, it did not irritate my skin and did leave a smooth finish, but I will not be purchasing.  I'm going to pray that the scrub that I recently ordered, 'Frank' will be my holy grail scrub. 

6. Nyakio hydrating facail oil: Ok.  There is apparently an intertwined fragrance throughout this product line that is just not for me.  I couldn't keep this on my skin for too long because of the smell.  

7. Kind maple pumpkin seed with sea salt: Absolutely delicious! I love it and if you like Kind bars this is a must try! 

All in all not my favorite bunch of beauty samples this month due to the overwhelming chemical like smell in most of the products.  I did however love the Kind bar and eye liner!  I also listened to my tip and tried to braid my hair into a fish tail.... I'll get back to you on that one :) I'm so uncoordinated sometimes! 

xo Alissa! 

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