Monday, October 10, 2016

Apple Picking and Small Shop Loving

Being a new mom means loving new thing.  Small shops and brands are a new love of mine.  Social media can be something awful but oh can it be something amazing...!  Instagram, for instance, has been my avenue in which to hear about these little gems, and I'm so thankful I did.

First on the list --  This shop brings you minimalistic style for your littles at its best.  Using high quality remnant fabric they create clean lines, uncomplicated designs, and muted color combos that are super soft and super durable, two big positives when buying kids clothing.  I'm so happy I found this brand and the creators behind it and you will be too after you go check them out! ;)

Second on the list -- ROOLE.  A women's clothing shop bringing you cute clothes as the solution to all of life's problems. ;) They have a boho chic vibe that's affordable and they just started stocking Free People! Win, win.  Although they are a women's clothing shop they offer so much more  - shoes, accessories, baby goodies...  So what are you waiting for?! You need to head on over and treat yourself. You deserve it! 

Third on the list -- The Bee & The Fox.  I love this shop.  Maybe its because the mommy behind it is a nurse like myself, or maybe it's because she's a boy mom like me, or maybe it's because I love the thought process behind it and their t-shirts speak the truth in a cool way.  It's all of the above.  They have some other cool things too and they're on my shopping list! Go check them out!

We recently went apple picking at Harbes Family Farm and Winery and I jumped at the opportunity to wear my first purchase from ROOLE, their fall linen dress. The dress is oversized, but still gives shape.  The fabric is linen, but comfy and soft.  The color is perfect for fall and can bring you right into winter.  Winter gets pretty darn cold here in NY, but I plan on wearing this dress over tights or jeans and maybe with a turtle neck underneath, so I'm good.  My cold weather friends, you might want to try it too! ;)   As for my little guy, he's in carleymegan's vernal jumpsuit. It's simply the cutest thing.  The design, color, and fabric is perfection.  So comfy, so stylish, so functional.  It's unisex too! It was nothing but compliments over these two small shop design gems at the farm that day and I told everyone where they can get their own. :)

Make it a happy Monday and go treat yourself to one of these shop's goodies! 
Happy shopping! 

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