Monday, October 17, 2016

What Pumpkin Picking in the Rain Looks Like

Stealing kisses that he clearly didn't want to give away. ;)

Um, Mom I'm getting wet... lol
Get me outta here! :)
See ya later rain!

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We didn't plan on pumpkin picking in the rain when we ventured out to the farm that day as you can see by our outfits.  I planned on gloomy, not "rain drops falling on my head!"  I'm wearing LuLaRoe's "Julia" dress and my little is in Zara Kids, and my hubby, well he's behind the camera :)  This dress is so comfortable I could sleep in it!  As you can tell you can style it multiple ways too!  I even tried it off the shoulder and would have shown it to you if it wasn't for the rain.  Next time ;)  Here, I styled it as somewhat of a top and layered it over a pair of distressed denim and paired it with a leather jacket.  The rain wasn't a total bummer though.  We still picked our cool specialty pumpkins (as the cashier called them) and ate delicious apple cider donuts! 

When asked to style one of LuLaRoes pieces by a consultant friend of mine I said "of course!"  I then took to their site to find out what LuLaRoe is about.  I came across this excerpt: "LuLaRoe; where through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families. A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, purpose, confidence, trust and growth." After reading this, all I could think of was "what a powerful statement.”  One women took fashion to the next level.  She took her struggle and turned it into a passion.  A passion that now allows so many to use fashion as an avenue to be with their families all while providing for them in the comfort of wherever they call home, wearing something that is so simply comfortable. 

I am NOT a consultant, but I've learned the power of support and I will support, encourage, and cheer on all women using their heart to create something beautiful for their family and the families of others.  That said, if you are at all interested in supporting a fellow mama, becoming a consultant, or simply taking a closer look at this company, please contact my friend at  Visit her Facebook page Sitting pretty in LuLaRoe, join her group, and try your hand at her amazing GIVEAWAYS!

Happy Monday friends! Hope you were able to pick some pretty pumpkins this past weekend! 

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